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    personal-trainer-success  Successful Marketing & Sales Techniques for Trainers
    personal-trainer-success  The Seven Steps of the Sales Process
    personal-trainer-success  The Seven Easy Steps to Positive Client Relationships
    personal-trainer-success  Methods Involved with Selling to Every Personality Type
    personal-trainer-success  Overcoming the Five Major Sales Obstacles
    personal-trainer-success  Overcoming Objections Guide
    personal-trainer-success  The Business Alliance & Referral Program
    personal-trainer-success  Establishing the Ideal Doctor Referral Program
    personal-trainer-success  The 14 Tactics for Successful Personal Trainers
    …and MUCH MORE!


    kyle rasmussen“As a former collegiate football player and professional wrestler, moving into the arena of personal training was completely new for me. After a lot of hard work, mistakes, growing pains and learning the business as I went along I was fortunate to come across Matt Wiencek and his Primetime Trainer Kit. Some people refer to his Primetime Trainer Kit as a business in a box but I refer to it as the tool that helped me increase my personal training profits by over 50% in the first 6 months after I invested in this kit. Thank you Matt!”
    Kyle Rasmussen

    amy fargo“Thank God I bought the Primetime Trainer Kit! I have been a World Champion in Women’s Tri Fitness, a high ranking NPC Competitor in Miss Fitness (Figure Class), I have been in fitness magazines worldwide, and have done so much in the fitness industry but one thing that I had struggled with was the business side of my Personal Training Business. Don’t get me wrong, I had a nice comfortable business but no matter how hard I worked and how hard I tried I could never seem to take my business to the next level. I am now making more money training people, I am working less hours, and I am enjoying life more than ever. The Primetime Trainer Kit has made my life so much easier and my business so much more rewarding”
    Amy Fargo

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    The Primetime Trainer Kit includes:

    personal-trainer-success Successful Marketing & Sales Techniques
    personal-trainer-success The Seven Steps of the Sales Process
    personal-trainer-success Power Words to Use While Selling
    personal-trainer-success Words to Stay 100 Miles Away From While Selling
    personal-trainer-success The 7 Easy Steps to Positive Client Relationships
    personal-trainer-success Methods of Selling to Every Personality Type
    personal-trainer-success Overcoming the Five Major Sales Obstacles
    personal-trainer-success Utilizing the Power of Enthusiasm
    personal-trainer-success The Power of Word of Mouth
    personal-trainer-success The Powerful Working the Floor Formula
    personal-trainer-success The Importance of an Email Database System
    personal-trainer-success Benefits of Working with Charitable Groups
    personal-trainer-success The Business Alliance & Referral Program
    personal-trainer-success Establishing the Ideal Doctor Referral Program
    personal-trainer-success The 14 Tactics for Successful Personal Trainers
    personal-trainer-success The Assessment Sales Guide
    personal-trainer-success Postural Assessment Cheat Sheet
    personal-trainer-success The “Slam Dunk Close Every Time” Guide

    personal-trainer-success Homerun Sales Words vs Strikeout Sales Words

    personal-trainer-successStep by Step Sales Process
    personal-trainer-success Overcoming Objections Guide
    personal-trainer-success Ready-to-use Promotional Flyers & Materials
    personal-trainer-success Community Outreach Tools
    personal-trainer-success Ready-to-use Client Newsletters
    personal-trainer-successPersonalized Referral Letters

    personal-trainer-successPersonalized Thank You Letters
    personal-trainer-success Target Heart Rate Zone Chart
    personal-trainer-success Blood Pressure Guidelines
    personal-trainer-successRecovery Heart Rate Guidelines

    personal-trainer-success Neurological Guidelines
    personal-trainer-success Body Composition Guidelines
    personal-trainer-success Fitness Assessment Forms
    personal-trainer-success Commitment Agreement
    personal-trainer-success Informed Consent
    personal-trainer-successPhysician’s Clearance
    personal-trainer-successHealth History Review
    personal-trainer-success Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire PAR-Q
    personal-trainer-success Exercise History Questionnaire
    personal-trainer-successClient Goal Setting Forms
    personal-trainer-success Pre-Exercise Questionnaire
    personal-trainer-success Client Goal Setting Forms
    personal-trainer-success Pre-exercise Questionnaire

    personal-trainer-successPersonal Training Agreement
    personal-trainer-success Cardio Training Log
    personal-trainer-success Daily Food Log

    personal-trainer-success Reminder for Late Payment
    personal-trainer-success Demand for Late Payment
    personal-trainer-success EFT Request & Authorization
    personal-trainer-success Personalized Invoice Form
    personal-trainer-success 6 Week Training Log
    personal-trainer-success Weekly Time Sheets




    Goals that are not written down are nothing more than hopes and dreams. Establish your clear and concise goals broken down for 365 days of the year. With this motivational and structured kit you will establish very specific short term and long term goals, achievement target dates, personalized road mapping of what must be done in order to achieve these goals, and multiple other features.

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    Personal Trainer Success Stories

    jac-ledoux“I have been in the fitness industry both as a personal trainer as well as a club manager.  Outside of the gym I am also a professional water skier who does not have a lot of free time and I need to make every minute count in my life.  That is why I LOVE the Primetime Trainer Kit!  It helped me eliminate months – if not years of learning things the hard way because all of the tools, teachings, and ingredients are provided to anyone who invests in this kit.  The Primetime Trainer Kit is one of the most powerful tools to take your personal training business to the highest levels possible.  Thank you Matt”
    Jac Ledoux



    lance-small“Thank you Matt for the awesome Primetime Trainer Kit! As a personal trainer of 8 years I thought I knew everything about the business side of personal training but I was very wrong. Since I bought the Primetime Trainer Kit about a year ago my business, profits, and happiness have never been better. I learned more about the business in one week than I had in the previous year. Without the Primetime Trainer Kit my PT Business would not be where it is right now. The Primetime Trainer Kit is worth its weight in gold.”
    Lance Small

    personal trainer success

    jason-amiglorieJASON AMIGLIORE

    “I have a degree in Exercise Science from the University of Florida, I study various aspects of fitness constantly, but my personal training business always seemed to struggle when I tried to take things to higher levels. That is until I got the Primetime Trainer Kit from Matt Wiencek. I have always had the knowledge in regards to fitness book smarts but I needed to translate that knowledge into profits. The Primetime Trainer Kit provided me with all of the tools that I needed to learn how to make higher profits than ever. A lot of the materials in the kit are ready to go marketing materials that took a lot of the struggles out of me always having to come up with new ideas. Every chart, form, promotional piece, and so much more are provided in this kit and it is worth every penny to say the least. My profits have gone up by 60% in the first year alone.”

    HEATHER POLLACKheather-pollack

    “The Primetime Trainer Kit is awesome and every personal trainer should buy it no matter how long you have been in the industry or how much you know. Even if you are making over 6 figures per year you can still learn how to make more money and work less. It sounds too good to be true but I promise that the Primetime Trainer Kit is that good and every personal trainer should buy one ASAP! “

    ruben-cherresRUBEN CHERRES

    “All I can say is that I thought I knew everything until I came across Matt Wiencek and the principals that he teaches for increased personal training business success. I started out signing up for his “personal training Success Mail” but I was still somewhat skeptical until finally I took the plunge and bought the Primetime Trainer Kit. Within a month my profits went up 40%!!! I am now on pace to have my most successful year ever. I would recommend the Primetime Trainer Kit to any personal trainer that would like to be more successful.”



    “I LOVE fitness more than anything but now I love it even more because I am getting rewarded more for my efforts because of Matt Wiencek and his Primetime Trainer Kit. I know Matt on a personal level and I can honestly say that he has one of the biggest hearts out of anyone I have ever met. He is always willing to help others and enjoys going the extra distance for those he cares about. When you invest in the Primetime Trainer Kit, you are not just getting some great materials that will help you with your business, you are also getting coaching from one of the best guys in the fitness industry. I appreciate you Matt and all that you do.”

    janus-keenenJANUS KEENAN

    “I don’t know how I initially came across Matt Wiencek but I sure am happy that I did. I am a personal trainer and personal training Manager in Alabama who is responsible for selling personal training for all of my trainers. I have a little bit of a sales background but not much of one. I consulted with Matt via the phone and he helped me with my overall numbers and profits without charging me a dime. Shortly thereafter I took it upon myself to start taking my business more seriously and that’s when business really started taking off! In less than one month after buying the Primetime Trainer Kit I am now shattering records at my gym! My business has never been better nor has my trainers business ever been better. The Primetime Trainer Kit is the bomb and every trainer and personal training manager should have one.”

    DEENA DeKOKERdeena-dekoker

    “I have been a personal trainer for over 20 years and my key focus during that time was to study fitness as much as possible so that I could use as much knowledge to benefit my clients as they deserved. When the economy crashed so did my PT business and I was caught in a bind. I had never really focused on my actual business that much but knew that I had to do something to get back on track. That is when I decided to take the plunge and buy the Primetime Trainer Kit from Coach Matt. Wow! Almost immediately when I began applying his teachings did my business start to sky rocket! I was on pace to having one of my worst years ever but ended up with my most successful year ever! Thanks Coach, I appreciate you and all that you do.”

    alex-algarinALEX ALGARIN

    “The Primetime Trainer Kit is a must have for any personal trainer looking to dramatically improve their PT business! I wish I would have bought it sooner because I would have made one of the best business decisions of my life even sooner. My business has doubled in less than one year since I bought the Primetime Trainer Kit. Awesome!”

    STEVE FISHCKINsteve-fischkin

    “I have a background in sales and marketing and I know the importance of both when it comes to having a successful personal training business. I had shopped around to find out what PT Fitness Pro had the best materials and without question it is Matt Wiencek. I had subscribed to his PT Success Mail for a number of months learning more than I ever had about the business side of PT. That is when I decided to give the Primetime Trainer Kit a try. Thank God I did!!! My bootcamp is hitting record highs and the only thing hotter than the Arizona weather where I live, is Matt’s Primetime Trainer Kit. It is a must have for any personal trainer that is serious about their PERSONAL TRAINING business.”



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